Mario Kart Tour will get a multiplayer beta in December, but you’ll have to pay

Mario Kart Tour’s much-missed multiplayer feature will get a multiplayer beta in December, but only subscribers to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass will have access.

Nintendo announced the news over on Twitter earlier but didn’t actually give an exact date, instead just telling players that more details would be “coming soon”:

Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass costs a ridiculous £4.99 per month, and gives players access to gold cosmetic items and 200cc karts. Sticking the multiplayer beta behind this pay wall will obviously give subscribers a bit more for their money, and it should allow Nintendo to test the mode with a smaller player pool, but it hasn’t been met with a great reception by players. I’m hoping that this decision is only for the beta test and that multiplayer will be opened up to all players when it is fully released, but you just never know in this day and age. If multiplayer gets locked behind the subscription on a permanent basis then I may have to start flipping tables.

A lot of players, me included, were fully expecting multiplayer to be available straight off the bat, so it’s understandable that players were pretty annoyed to find out that they could only race against bots. Despite that disappointment, it didn’t stop Mario Kart Tour from becoming Nintendo’s most successful mobile launch, achieving 90 million downloads within its first week.

Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer beta will begin in December for Gold Pass subscribers. Nintendo hasn’t given a start date for the multiplayer beta or said how long it will last, but we’ll keep you updated as and when that information becomes available.



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