Nintendo tease a ‘new experience’ for the Switch (it looks like a fitness controller)

Nintendo has just launched a video on their YouTube channel which shows off some kind of strange ring controller and a strap for your leg, both of which have a joycon slotted inside. In the video, people are using the controller to do various fitness activities such as Yoga and running, which by putting two and two together makes me think it’s something to do with fitness… Check out the video below:

I’m hoping it’s going to be a ‘new way to play’ Mario and Sonic Olympics 2020, which was announced on the Nintendo Direct live-stream yesterday. The reason for me thinking this is that the video was set in various different countries from Paris to Madrid and Kyoto (wherever that is). Additionally, some of the movements seemed to be gymnastic movements which we know is in the new Olympics game, and I think I saw someone rowing.

However, I could be completely wrong. It could simply be a Switch Fit game, which would be awesome and is something I’m surprised isn’t already available on the Switch considering how popular it was on the Wii; I still know people now who use their Switch for Wii Fit (and Wii Sports, of course).

Anyway time will tell, Nintendo stated on the video that all will be revealed on September 12th.



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