New Wild West mode and dynamite added to Fortnite

Epic seems to be going all Red Dead on us, as they have released a new update to Fortnite that brings a new limited time game mode titled ‘Wild West’. In terms of rules and win conditions, this new game mode is the same as the standard Battle Royale game mode, however, there’s only a limited amount of items available for pickup. There’s also a new weapon – Dynamite. I mean, what western is complete without it?

However, at the time of writing, both the Minigun and the Dynamite have been removed from the Wild West game mode – the Dynamite is due to return; it was only removed due to it causing client crashes. When it will return is yet to be seen, but Epic is pretty quick with these things so it shouldn’t be too long. Judging by the wording used on the Tweet, it looks like the Minigun will not make a return to the Wild West:

The items available in the Wild West include:

  • Available Weapons
    • Hunting Rifle
    • Pump Shotgun
    • Double Barrel Shotgun
    • Six Shooter
    • Minigun
  • Available Items
    • Campfire
    • Bandages
    • Medical Kits
    • Dynamite
    • Slurp Juice
  • Supply Drops can contain
    • Epic Six Shooters
    • Legendary Double Barrel Shotguns and Miniguns
    • Slurp Juice

In other Fortnite news, it looks like Fortnite’s Christmas event is just around the corner, as a snowy blizzard has appeared just off the coast of ‘Lucky Landing’; how exciting, who thinks there will be a snowball game mode? We sure hope there is, as we’ve been waiting for a game to come along that allows us to relive our past with this absolute classic:

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