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Mario Tennis Aces Version 3.0 out now, adds new game modes and more

Nintendo has released the latest update for Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch. Update version 3.0 has more to offer than the usual updates, introducing a new intro movie, game modes, and more.

The intro movie will no doubt be the first new thing that you notice when you start up the game after the update. It features Wario and Waluigi as they search for a legendary tennis racket called Lucien.

The main draw with version 3.0 will be the new Ring Shot mode. Here, players hit balls through different sized rings that appear on court as they rally, with the goal being to secure high scores. This new game mode can be played either competitively or co-operatively in three variants: Yoshi’s Ring Shot, Ring Shot Singles, and Ring Shot Doubles.

Check out the new Ring Shot Mode in action below:

Yoshi’s Ring Shot will also appear as a special online Challenge until Saturday 1st June. In Yoshi’s Ring Shot, players will be rewarded for their efforts by unlocking different colour skins for Yoshi. In this mode, players will play as different colour Yoshi’s and must hit the ball between rings of their colour for extra points.

The content will continue to flow for Mario Tennis Aces, with new character Dry Bones being added to the roster in May. Another new character that is yet to be confirmed will then be added a month later in June, with Nintendo no doubt having plans for the games one year anniversary to follow at the end of June.

Mario Tennis Aces has been a surprise success for the Nintendo Switch, especially given how average the previous game in the series was when it released on the Wii U in 2015. Thankfully, Camelot has nailed it this time around. With Wimbledon fast approaching and tons of additional content being added, Mario Tennis Aces popularity should continue.



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