Konami releases PES 2019 Lite

Konami has just released PES 2019 Lite, a free-to-play but slightly restricted version of the premium PES 2019 experience.

PES 2019 Lite will give players access to offline exhibition matches, skill training and PES League mode, which includes 1v1 or co-op competitions. PES League will also give players the opportunity to qualify for global events by participating in co-op 3v3 Online Championship time-limited tournaments. Crucially, PES 2019 Lite will also give players full access to myClub mode, which allows players to build a team of current footballing superstars as well as various legends such as David Beckham or Ronaldinho, with more legends added to the game in the coming months. Essentially, myClub is Pro Evo’s version of FIFA’s Ultimate Teammicrotransactions included—so it would be fair to assume that this mode is how Konami are hoping to earn some revenue from their free offering. Check out the trailer below:

Revenue is something that Konami desperately needs to earn from PES 2019. Once the undoubted king of footy games, PES struggles to even stay in the conversation these days, so much so that we announced back in September that PES 2019’s physical sales were down a whopping 42% on the previous years incarnation. Konami will be hoping that allowing players to download a free version of the game will either entice them into buying the full version or will earn them some extra money from the myClub mode without having to hope that more people go out and buy the game.

PES 2019 Lite is available to download now on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam.



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