Huge Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak reveals massive battle royale mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting a huge battle royale mode, according to recent leaks.

The leaks in question were reported by Senescallo over on Reddit, revealing a whole bunch of information which has been datamined about the mode. If the leaks are to believed, the battle royale mode will support up to 200 players, and there will be modes for Solo players, Duos, and Squads of four. Because of the high player count the map looks absolutely massive, with named zones including the likes of Overgrown and Quarry, which are presumably copies of the classic maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Looking at the map, it would appear that all of Modern Warfare’s Ground War maps and Spec Ops maps are also a part of the battle royale map, which should give you some idea just how enormous this map is.

In terms of the actual gameplay itself, it would appear that Modern Warfare is borrowing a number of quality-of-life features from Respawn’s hugely popular Apex Legends, including the ability to ping enemies and items and assigning one squad member the role of “Jumpmaster”, meaning one person can take control of your teams drop to ensure that nobody cocks it up (I’m looking at you Glen). The general gameplay will follow the usual pattern of dropping in and looting various items of gear of different rarities in a bid to become the last man standing.

As for new features, there are a few. Players will be able to loot Respawn Tokens, which can be used once before being disabled. If you have a Respawn Token, you can drop a dead teammates body near an Ambulance to enter them into the “Gulag Queue”. Once a player is put into the Gulag Queue, they will be matched against another player who is also in the queue to compete in a 1v1, with the winning player being granted the chance to get back into the game. If a player wins their 1v1 and respawns then they have to locate and activate a Mobile Armory if they want to get their loadout back. All players who are in the Gulag Queue will spectate the players who are currently fighting, and you’ll see a countdown on the screen to show how long there is until it’s your turn to fight, and you’ll even be able to place bets on the fights using Plunder (more on that later). Interestingly, every so often a Jail Break will occur, which will kick all players out of the Gulag and back into the match. The Gulag will close at a certain point during the match, preventing any further respawns.

As for Plunder, this can be earned by eliminating enemies and completing Missions, which include the likes of Assassination (where you have to kill a particular player) or Domination (where you must catch a Domination point). When you’ve earned some Plunder, you can either purchase “game changing” items at plunder box locations, or you can convert it into XP by depositing it into ATM machines located in Banks which are located throughout the game. If you opt to do the latter, then be warned that walking into a bank will cause the Bank Alarm to go off, alerting all nearby enemies to your location.

It all sounds pretty interesting and I’m pretty excited by it, the higher player count and the sheer enormity of the map has got me really intrigued, and the Gulag Queue respawn system sounds really cool. Of course, this is all unconfirmed for now until we get some official word from Infinity Ward or Activision, but I’ll be surprised if this leak turns out to be wrong. Maybe it’s time to get excited.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as and when any official announcement is made.

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