Hades receives sixth major update titled “The BIG BAD Update”

Supergiant Games has released its sixth major content update for its awesome underworld, rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades. The update, which is titled “The BIG BAD Update”, will finally allow players to rise to the very top of the Underworld.

Temple of Styx is the latest act to be added to the game. The “labyrinthine biome awaits at the very edge of the Underworld” and will need to be successfully negotiated before players can experience another of The BIG BAD Updates new content – a Final Boss battle!

As usual with these major updates, expect to find some new enemies to take on. “Beware of Gigantic Vermin, Satyr Cultists, and more; plus deadly new traps!”

A Pool of Purging has also been added, which will allow players to remove unwanted boons in exchange for coins, while a rework to Wrath will allow players to call upon divine aid from Olympus much more often during battle.

No Hades update would be complete without new boons, with new ‘Duo’ Boons also included. Two new music tracks and new story events will help reveal more of Zags story as he attempts to reach the Temple, completing the list of highlighted new features.

Outside of these highlights, Hades has received a whole host of bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements. These can all be found in the full patch notes here.

Just by glancing through these patch notes you can see how much effort Supergiant Games has made to ensure that Hades has a successful early access period. To further emphasize this, I recommend anyone with an interest in the game check out the developers “Developing Hell” series on Youtube.  In this three part series, viewers get to meet the team at Supergiant Games, following them as they prepare for the launch of Hades, all the way through to patching/updating the game, and creating new art and music.

The BIG BAD Update is available for free now on the Epic Game Store

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