Hades receives second major update known as The GOOD TIMES Update

Supergiant Games has released the second major content update for its awesome underworld, rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades. The update, which is titled “The GOOD TIMES Update”, adds a new weapon and other features to the early access game that’s currently available on The Epic Game Store.

The GOOD TIMES Update has several new highlighted features, but it’s the new weapon which will take centre stage. Exagryph, the Adamant Rail is the fifth weapon available for main protagonist Zagreus to use, and the first new weapon added to the game since release. The weapon itself is a powerful firearm that can shoot up to 12 bullets before needing to be reloaded. It’s special attack features a mortar-like, aoe projectile.


A new god with brand new boon abilities has also been included in the update. Dionysus: the god of wine offers intoxicating blessings; these boons add the new ability ‘Blight Wine’ to the game, which adds damage over time to enemies affected by it. Other highlighted features include a new mirror upgrade called ‘Fated Authority’. This update can be unlocked with a large amount of in-game key resource and it allows players to alter the rewards they receive in each chamber. Fate decides the outcome, so you may very well receive something far worse…

A new gate called ‘Infernal Gates’ has also been added, allowing seasoned players to earn even greater rewards. These gates will be open to players using the Pack of Punishment, which was added to the game to increase difficulty in the previous content update.


For those who enjoy the banter between characters at the House of Hades, hundreds of newly recorded voice lines have been added to the game. These add both new narratives and gameplay quips to the game. Finally, a Roadmap of what to expect from Supergiant during future updates has now been added to the games title screen – this was something that was surprisingly absent from the start, so it’s a very welcome addition now.

Of course, no update would be complete without various general gameplay improvements and balance changes, and The Good Time Update is no exception. The full patch notes can be found here, listing all those added extras.

In the next few days, we’ll bring you a detailed look at everything The GOOD TIMES Update has to offer. Until then, if you need me, i’ll be attempting to escape the Underworld.



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