GTA Online: After Hours Update live and free to play on PS4 until August 6th

Oh, what a great time to be a Grand Theft Auto player, particularly if you’re on PS4.

Not only is the GTA Online After Hours update now available, but from now until August 6th, PS4 players can play GTA Online without a PS Plus membership. That means no monthly subscription required, just a console, the game, and an internet connection.

The After Hours update adds a whole host of new features, most noticeably the ability to team up with Tony Prince to own and run your own club (remember owning The Malibu on Vice City? Great times). When you own your club, players will have the ability to choose the decor, how to promote your club and also to hire staff. All sounds a bit too above board for GTA though, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry, your nightclub will come with an underground warehouse that you can use to run your Biker, Special Cargo, Smugglers and Gunrunning businesses from. The update will also add several new vehicles and outfits.

Remember though, the game is only available to play without a subscription until August 6th. After that, you’ll have to sign up to PlayStation Plus to continue to play online. Don’t be greedy now, it can’t be free forever.







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