Grid Autosport is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019

As the popularity of the Switch continues to grow so does the game library, and racing fans will be happy to know that Grid Autosport will be making its way to the Switch in 2019. There’s no official date for release yet but we would assume it wILL be early 2019, possibly in the first quarter.

The Switch version of the game is being developed by Feral Interactive who were also responsible for porting the game to mobile, the mobile version OF the game runs incredibly well, so we expect even better performance on the Switch. The game itself was met with positive reviews on console; it’s not in the same league as the likes of Forza, but it’s still a great game nonetheless:

“Grid Autosport challenges players to become pro-racers, mastering motorsport’s most exciting cars on the world’s most thrilling circuits, from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the city streets of Barcelona. With customisable difficulty and a range of driving disciplines, Grid Autosport delivers an irresistible mix of realistic handling and high-speed thrills.”

In other Switch news, the sales numbers continue to grow for the console. It’s now overtaken Gamecube sales and has the N64 sales in it’s sights next, so hopefully this means we can see more great titles being ported over.

Infographic: Nintendo Switch Passes GameCube, Sets Its Sights on N64 | Statista





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