Golf Story is getting a sequel called Sports Story

Sports Story, the sequel to Sidebar Games’ 2017 role-playing sports adventure game Golf Story, has been announced.

Much like the original game, Sports Story will be another charming Nintendo Switch exclusive, and it will be landing on Ninty’s console in “mid-2020”. Developed by the same team who created the original, Sports Story will expand the franchise past simple golfing antics and instead encompass a whole host of sports, including the likes of football, tennis, volleyball, baseball, and the returning golf. If the trailer is anything to go by, there will also be occasions where sports cross over, such as smashing a football into a net using a baseball bat.

Outside of sports-themed activities, Sports Story will also feature “alternative activities like dungeon exploration, stealthy infiltrations, and fishing expeditions”, which means that “something unexpected waits around every corner.” Announced during Nintendo’s Indie World livestream earlier today, the news of Sports Story’s upcoming release is sure to please BuffNerfRepeat’s own Glen, who enjoyed his time with Golf Story. In his 7/10 review of the original game, Glen said:

“A charming, witty and highly enjoyable golfing RPG; repetitive challenges aren’t enough to stop this from being high on the ever-increasing priority list of Nintendo Switch indie games.” 

The sequels addition of so many new sports and a large expansion of the originals role-playing elements should significantly help to nullify Golf Story’s slightly repetitive nature, which means that Sports Story could be an absolute joy to play. If you want to read more about Sports Story then you can find Nintendo’s official page for the game here, where you’ll note that the sequel is listed as supporting multiplayer for up to four players.

Sports Story will launch for Nintendo Switch in mid-2020.



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