Frostpunk is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 this summer

The critically acclaimed city-building survival game developed by 11 Bit Studios is making its way to Xbox One and PS4 “this summer“.

If you haven’t played Frostpunk before then don’t expect a rosey city builder like: Cities Skylines or Sim City; unlike these games, survival elements are built into Frostpunk, which makes things more difficult and sometimes frustrating. These survival elements add in various moral decisions such as killing sick people or turning children into workhorses, and there are additional challenges such as a lack of resources (as you would expect from a post-apocalyptic world) which stops you expanding too fast and could end your city very quickly if you don’t manage resources well. You can watch the trailer for the console edition below:

Frostpunk was released in April last year and was met with praise by critics and players alike, scoring an impressive 9 or more on most review sites while securing an impressive 84 on Metacritic, and now console players will have the opportunity to play too. The main worry for city building/strategy games on console is always the controls, however, if Cities: Skylines is anything to go by then controls on a city-building game on a console can be great, and with both the Xbox and PS4 both supporting Mouse and Keyboard the developer may utilise this and add support for them.

By the sound of it, 11 Bit are going to great lengths to make the port as good as possible. They say this will be a “finely tuned adaptation” of the PC version and “Great efforts are being taken to re-design the game and adjust its mechanics, especially when it comes to controls“. The console version will be titled ‘Frostpunk: Console Edition’ and will feature all of the content that is currently in the PC version, including Endless mode and The Fall of Winterhome scenario.

Frostpunk: Console Edition will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One this Summer.



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