Fortnite’s v10.30 patch adds two new Rift Zones

Fortnite’s v10.30 patch is now live, adding two new Rift Zone’s to the map.

The first of these two zones is called Moisty Palms, an amalgamation of Paradise Palms and Moisty Mire. If you’re in Moisty Palms, crouching will disguise the player as a random prop, allowing you to hide in plain sight and catch unsuspecting victims off guard. You’ll still be able to take damage while you’re a prop, however, so be wary of enemies who just start mindlessly blasting props to try and catch you out.

The second Rift Zone sees the return of Greasy Grove, but this time a taco place has taken over from Durrr Burger. Because of this, Spicy Taco’s will fall from the sky periodically, forcing players into a dancing animation because “their smell is so overwhelmingly appetizing”, which makes absolutely no sense. Players will be invulnerable to damage while dancing and health will also regenerate at 20 HP per second – unless you’re in the Storm of course. If you eat one of the Spicy Taco’s then you’ll gain 10 Effective Health and a 40% increase in movement speed for 20 seconds.

There’s also a new Limited Time Mode for solo players called Knock Town, which was a top 3 contender for the LTM Creator Contest. In Knock Town, players use the Flint-Knock Pistol to kill adversaries with one-tap while using the grappler to jump around. The winner is the player who gains the most eliminations before the end of the match. The Burst SMG has also been vaulted as part of this patch, but the Tactical SMG has been unvaulted in its place.

Outside of these changes, there are also a number of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes, and you can read all about them in the full patch notes.



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