Fortnite v7.40 Content Update adds the Driftboard

Fortnite’s v7.40 Content Update is now live on all platforms, adding the Driftboard to the game as a limited time item.

The Driftboard will allow players to “battle in style”, with the ability to “fire at enemies, pull off tricks, and boost towards victory.” To celebrate the arrival of the Driftboard for a limited time there’s also a new limited time mode that utilizes it – “Driftin’” will see players rushing to find a Driftboard, weapons, and some ammo from a Red Supply Drop to try and take out the opposing team first. All other Chests and Ammo Boxes are removed in Driftin’, which will feature two teams of 32 players per team.

It’s not all about the Driftboard in this update, though. Another limited time mode, Catch!, is also available, getting rid of all of the guns from the game and arming players with nothing but grenades and other items that can be thrown or tossed. Available items will include Clingers, Remote Explosives, Port-a-Forts, Impulse Grenades, Shockwave Grenades, and Smoke Grenades, so warm up your throwing arm.

Aside from this, there are also some adjustment to item spawn rates, with Balloons, Gliders, and Dual Pistols all having their spawn rate from Floor Loot reduced.

As always, you can read the full notes here.



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