Fortnite V6.02 patch adds a Disco and a Quad Rocket Launcher

Fortnite has to be one of the best supported and most updated games of recent years. With each update something exciting gets added; very rarely do we see an update with just a few tweaks, and the V6.02 patch is no exception to this.

The most important change here – and one that’s going to stick around – is the addition of the ‘Quad Rocket Launcher’. This beast is capable of firing off four rockets before having to reload, and they can be fired pretty quickly too. The base damage of the quad rocket is 80-84, so you’ll need a few good hits to actually kill someone, but it’s going to be tearing up walls and player-built buildings all over the place.

Some concern has been expressed about the quad rocket launcher. There were, after all, a lot of people that didn’t like the old explosives meta that saw people firing rockets and lobbing grenades all over the place – I wasn’t a big fan of it either, but as long as the drop rate isn’t too high I think the quad rocket could be a bit of fun, especially when you come up against a pro builder; you know, those annoying people that build so many walls you can never hit them, then they jump on you and shotgun you in the face.

As well as the rocket of death, Epic has also added a new ‘Limited Time Mode’ which will allow players to settle scores in a dance-off. The 50 v 50 game mode named ‘Disco Domination’ will require players to capture control points in order to win the game. However, it’s not like other capture game modes; in Disco Domination you will have to dance (emote) on the dance floor in order to raise the disco ball, the more team members that are dancing the quicker the ball raises and when the disco ball is fully raised you capture the point and can move onto the next. Also, you will be able to re-spawn in Disco Domination, but only until you get to the last circle. You win Disco Domination by filling up your teams ‘dance bar’.

As well as the two new additions to the game mentioned above, a lot of people will be excited to know that the ‘Skull Trooper’ skin will be making a return – there’s a lot of people that love this skin and there’s a lot of people that missed out on it so now is your chance to get your hands on it. The ‘Skull Trooper’ skin will will also come with different bone colours – awesome!

You can read the full patch notes on the official Epic Games website.






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