Fortnite update brings back the Epic and Legendary Tactical Shotgun

Fortnite’s v9.40 patch is now live on all platforms.

The standout new addition is the return of the Epic and Legendary variants of the Tactical Shotgun, which will hit for 83 / 87 maximum damage at a rate of 1.5 shots per seconds, with a Headshot multiplier of 2.25. The weapon will be available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Carriers, and Vending Machines. The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle has also been unvaulted in its Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants, sending its suppressed counterpart to the vault in its place.

There are also a couple of changes to existing weapons, with the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle having its zoom reduced when scoped to “help improve the usability and feel” of it, and the Combat Shotgun getting a couple of nerfs that include a reduced Headshot multiplier (from 1.7 to 1.5) and a reduction to its long range effectiveness, with falloff curve ranges reduced across the board.

There’s also a couple of nice quality-of-life changes. Specifically, picking up an item that fills a stack and creates an overflow will no longer result in your currently equipped item being dropped; instead, the overflow item will be dropped. Equally, you’ll now automatically pick up a consumable if you already have it in your inventory and your stack isn’t maxed out.

There are also a whole host of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, and you can all about them here.



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