Fortnite Season 8 may be pirate themed

With Fortnite Season 8 just a few days away, Epic has began to drop hints about exactly what the season will be themed around. A tweet from the Fortnite Twitter account would suggest that Season 8 will be focusing on pirates, considering it features a picture of a hook and some pirate based poetry, Check it out below:

Since then, Epic has posted another cryptic tweet that also seemingly implies the imminent arrival of snakes:

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what these clues mean as we get closer to the beginning of Season 8. Don’t forget that Fortnite is currently in an “Overtime” period, where Epic are offering players the chance to unlock the Season 8 Battle Pass by completing 13 Overtime Challenges by Wednesday 27th February. This is a move that is definitely designed to try and keep people playing Fortnite at a time when Apex Legends has taken the gaming community by storm and has taken some focus away from Epic’s phenomenon.

Fortnite Season 8 will begin on Thursday 28th February.



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