Fallout 76 gets a ridiculous monthly subscription

Bethesda has announced a ridiculous monthly subscription for its troubled multiplayer RPG, Fallout 76.

The subscription is called Fallout 1st, and you can sign up for £11.99/$12.99 a month or buy a years worth up front for a whopping £99.99/$99.99, which you really shouldn’t do. The subscription will get you an unbelievably small collection of benefits, the standout of which is the ability to play in Private Worlds. The ability to play in Private Worlds has been a much-requested feature by players, and its upcoming addition was finally announced by Bethesda just last week.

Private Worlds will allow you and up to seven friends to play in a world of your own without disturbance, which is absolutely not worth paying £11.99/$12.99 a month for. Thankfully, only one player needs to have a Fallout 1st membership for you and your buddies to play on a Private World, so if you and a bunch of friends are planning to play in a Private World then you can split the costs between you, although the World will only stay live while a Fallout 1st member is online.

Outside of the access to Private Worlds, the subscription will also give you a new Scrapbox for unlimited storage of crafting components, a Survival Tent which is a placeable fast travel point complete with a Stash and Sleeping Bag, a Ranger Armor outfit which has been pulled directly from Fallout: New Vegas, new icons and emotes, and 1650 Atoms per month to use in the Atomic Shop.

This is the latest in a long line of own goals by Bethesda, who have quite frankly completely cocked Fallout 76 up. Asking players to pay such a ridiculous amount of money per month for so little is ludicrous, especially considering players forked out full price for a game that absolutely wasn’t worth it at launch. As you can probably imagine, it has stirred up quite the reaction from angry players over on Reddit, and who can blame them? The announcement that Private Worlds were coming to Fallout 76 was a small win for Bethesda as they try to regain players confidence, but then to put them behind such an unbelievable paywall like this is a complete slap in the face for players. I’m gobsmacked.

You can subscribe to a Fallout 1st membership right now, but you absolutely shouldn’t.



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