Fallout 4 and F1 2018 added to Xbox Game Pass, and Minecraft is coming

Fallout 4, the last Fallout game worth remembering, and Codemasters’ F1 2018 are now available on the Xbox Game Pass, and Minecraft will be joining the service next month.

Fallout 4 was quite unbelievably released back in November 2015, back when the name Fallout hadn’t been tainted. It received great reviews and was a worthy addition to the post-apocalyptic role-playing series, unlike the better-to-be-forgotten multiplayer-focused Fallout 76. If you need to wash away the bad memories that Fallout 76 has left you with and remember what the name Fallout truly means then refresh your memory with Fallout 4. Equally, if Fallout 76 was your first experience of the Fallout series (or if you still haven’t experienced the series at all) then check out Fallout 4 as part of your Game Pass Subscription.

F1 2018, meanwhile, is the latest entry in the series that released in August 2018. Developed by Codemasters, it allows you to step into the shoes of your favourite F1 drivers and includes all twenty-one circuits, ten teams, and twenty drivers from the 2018 Formula One season. It received decent reviews, and with the new Formula One season starting this weekend the games addition to the Game Pass comes at a perfect time for players who are sure to get themselves in the mood for some racing.

Looking further forward, block-building phenomenon Minecraftwhich may well be the most popular video game of all timewill also join the service on Thursday 4th April, it was announced through the Xbox Game Pass Twitter page. Minecraft’s availability on the Game Pass may well open the game up to even more players, as I imagine that a lot of people refuse to buy it as they consider it a “kids game”. Being able to try it out for free through the subscription service may well just lure some more players in, and once you get into Minecraft it’s hard to stop.

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Microsoft deserves a lot of credit for their support of the Xbox Game Pass, which just keeps getting better and better and better. It may well be the future of gaming.

You can subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass for £7.99 a month, but don’t forget that you can get your first month for just £1.



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