EA is Finally Making Sense of Team Chemistry in FIFA 19

On the face of it, and to any casual FIFA player, FIFA is an easy game to understand. I mean, you’re just playing football right? Wrong.

If you’re a fan of Ultimate Team, you’ll know that ‘team chemistry’ plays a role. This is affected by the players you choose for your squad; for example, if you fill your squad with Brazilian players. you’ll have a good team chemistry, and if you build a squad of players that all play in the same football league, you’ll also have a good team chemistry. However, if you were to build a team of players from different countries and different leagues, you’d have a poor team chemistry and therefore a team that plays like a bunch of strangers.

Now, that all makes sense and every Ultimate Team player knows how to manage team chemistry, however, what we haven’t really known is exactly how a poor team chemistry affects our players. Well, now we do.

In the latest ‘Pitch Notes’ released by EA we are now able to finally see the exact effects of having a poor team chemistry – see below:

(Good pun with ‘Pitch Notes’ by the way EA, I’m pleased to see your sense of humour isn’t hidden behind a paywall)

As you can see from the image above, you are now able to see the base stats for a player, as well as how the team chemistry has affected the aforementioned stats. This is a much welcomed addition and will make picking your perfect team a lot easier – you might find it’s worth taking a hit on team chemistry if it means you can get Ronaldo in your all English squad.

As well as seeing how the team chemistry affects players, there are now icons explaining what the different chemistry styles do (hunter, marksman, shield etc) – football fans should already have known what the chemistry styles meant, but for the less football savvy players these should help a lot.

These features haven’t been in any other FIFA game before, much to the amazement and disappointment of fans – it just seemed so bizarre to not have these numbers in the game already, so on the one hand I want to say well done to EA, but on the other I want to say what took so f**king long.

You can see the calculations used as well as some more in-depth information on how the changes are made here.






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