disc-less Xbox

Disc-less Xbox One rumoured

It seems that Microsoft could be planning to launch a disc-less version of the Xbox One console if reports from tech blogger Paul Thurrott are to be believed.

The disc-less Xbox will reportedly cost £156, which is about £77 less than the current Xbox model. The report also states that Spring 2019 will be the target release day for the new version of the console. This new disc-less Xbox One will be part of Microsoft’s current generation of Xbox consoles, and not of the Scarlett family of consoles which are also due to launch in the foreseeable future. A ‘Disc-to-Digital’ program will be offered for those who own physical game copies,  which will allow customers to trade in their physical copies of their games for a downloadable key for use with their new disc-less Xbox One. This program will only be available at participating retailers, which could mean stock of the new Xbox is prioritised to them.

Whilst I’ve never been a fan of digital downloads—instead preferring to collect, display and have the option to trade in games I haven’t enjoyed—I understand that many gamers have limited space available to them and prefer the convenience of having an Xbox loaded with games that are ready to play. If rumours are to be believed, it seems like a smart move from Microsoft to cover all bases with its current and future range of consoles.

A revised version of the Xbox One S is also reportedly due to launch later in 2019, this will, however, include a disc drive and feature a cheaper price point.

Unlike Sony, Microsoft will be attending E3 this year. Whilst this news may be too soon to feature at this years event, it will be interesting to see if any additional information (or indeed confirmation) is given regarding these new machines.







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