Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence adds a new six-player PvE activity

Bungie has released a trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming Season of Opulence, revealing a brand new non-raid PvE activity.

That new activity is called Menagerie, a six-player activity for Annual Pass owners that will take place on the Leviathan, the Cabal ship that hosted the games original raid. In Bungie’s description of Menagerie, they briefly detail how players will be able to obtain weapons and armor through the activity, and will even be able to specify what type of loot they want to earn by way of a Chalice of Opulence:

“Calus would see you grow stronger through The Chalice of Opulence, which serves as a Guardians gateway to treasure in the Season of Opulence. Players who best the Menagerie, a new six player matchmade activity, will use the Chalice to create an offering of runes in exchange for the specific weapons and armor that they seek. Over time, Guardians will be able to upgrade the Chalice to acquire more plentiful and powerful rewards.”

As detailed in the road map, Menagerie will launch alongside the Season of Opulence on Tuesday 4th June, and new bosses will be added to the mode on both Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 18th June, while the modes Heroic difficulty will become available a week later on Tuesday 25th June.

All players who have beaten the campaign of Destiny 2: Forsaken will be able to play the Menagerie and will also get access to the new Imperial Summons quest. The new quest is designed to give players Power Surge gear at 690 power to quickly gear players up for the new season of content – completing this quest line will be necessary if you want to check out the new raid, Crown of Sorrows, which will also become available on Tuesday 4th June. The new power cap for the Season of Opulence will be 750.

There will also be a couple of new Exotic Quests introduced during the Season of Opulence. The first will be introduced on Tuesday 11th June and will give players the chance to earn Truth, the exotic rocket launcher from the original Destiny. The second quest will be added on Tuesday 2nd July and will give players a pathway to a new exotic hand cannon called Lumina.

Details of what exactly Menagerie will entail remain to be seen, but we’re expecting to hear more details in Bungie’s next weekly blog post on Thursday.



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