Destiny 2’s Arc Week has begun

Destiny 2’s Update 2.2.1 is now live, kicking off the games Arc Week.

Arc Week makes a number of changes to some of Destiny 2’s Arc subclasses. All of the changes are buffs that are designed to make some of the older abilities more powerful, as they have felt somewhat underwhelming following their Forsaken updates. There are an absolute mound of changes, with most abilities having their durations increased and numerous cooldown reductions, damage increases and bonus changes across the board. The quest to unlock Thunderlord, the Exotic Arc machine gun, is also back, giving players a second chance at unlocking the weapon without having to rely on random drop luck.

The update also adds four new Exotic catalysts, specifically for Hard Light, Rat King, The Prospector, and Suros Regime. Exotic catalysts act as upgrades for older exotic weapons, making them more effective. The Prospector, Hard Light, and Rat King catalysts can be earned through drops in both Strikes and Nightfall Strikes, while the Suros Regime catalyst can only be earned through Crucible drops.

The update also makes the recently announced changes to drop rates, which have been raised to make loot drops a bit more generous. Following the update, players should notice increased drop rates of weapons in The Reckoning, and each game of Gambit Prime or The Reckoning in which you don’t get a weapon will give you an increased drop chance going in to your next game, so you shouldn’t go too long without getting any reward for your efforts. Dreaming City and Last Wish cosmetics have had their drop rates increased “significantly”, and the One Thousand Voices exotic fusion rifle now has a drop chance of 10% rather than the 5% chance that it had previously.

There are also a whole host of bug fixes and quality of life changes, and you can read all about them here.



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