Destiny 2 is going free-to-play

Bungie has officially confirmed that Destiny 2 will be moving to a free-to-play model for the base game. This means you’ll still have to purchase any new and current DLC apart from the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions, which will also be included for free.

Bungie has said that it will be listed as a separate game in the store and will be titled ‘Destiny 2: New Light’, and it will be available for download on September 17th, which just happens to be the same day the newest expansion for the game, ‘Shadowkeep’, is released. Bungie mentioned Shadowkeep during the announcement, saying it would be a standalone DLC, which means you won’t need any previous DLC packs to play it. You can watch the Shadowkeep expansion reveal trailer below:

As well as this, Bungie also shared some more exciting news which is possibly even more exciting for people who already own the game. That is that a cross-save system will launch on the same date (September 17th). This cross-save system will allow players to play on any device they feel like playing it on at that time and then pick up the same game save on a totally different platform. This is compatible across all platforms, including Xbox One, Stadia, Steam and PS4.

According to Jason Schreier from Kotaku, Sony only allowed the cross save on the PS4 “at the last possible moment” just one day before the Bungie stream went live, which is why PS4 was missed off the cross-save device list when the leaks occurred and why the PS4 is absent from the pre-recorded reveal video.

Cross-save has been in the works from day one according to Mark Noseworthy (Bungie general manager) who said “We wanted cross-save before we shipped Destiny 2“, and although Bungie had the feature almost ready at launch it was never added to the game “because of ‘capital R’ reasons…and many of those reasons have disappeared“.

More positive news for Destiny fans was also revealed during the video when Bungie’s head of community, Eric Osborne, said they are now free to develop Destiny “in the vision we want it to be in…that isn’t dictated by a commercial model or a business plan…but our creative vision, and what we want to do for our players and what they want us to do“, which is of course in reference to their recent split from their long-time partner and publisher Activision. Many players thought it was Activision who were holding Destiny back from being the game everyone wanted it to be and that Activision were putting money and greed over the games fans, and this very exciting message from Eric seems to reinforce this.



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