Deleted tweets hint at September release for Borderlands 3

Mistakes can happen, we’re all human after all, but unfortunately when you drop a bollock on the internet somebody is always on hand to either film it or grab a screenshot.

That is exactly what has happened to Gearbox Software, who have seemingly mistakenly tweeted the release date of Borderlands 3. That tweet has now been deleted, but unfortunately not before Twitter user Wario64 thought fast and grabbed a screenshot of the tweet, which advertises Borderlands 3 for a Friday 13th September release.

Wario64 wasn’t just on the ball for the release date tweet though, as he also managed to grab another now-deleted short trailer for the game that seemingly indicates that the games PC release could be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. While there’s no mention of it in the video, you’ll notice that the Epic Games Store logo is present in the bottom left corner of the video, but the Steam logo is nowhere to be seen. Check out the tweets below:

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford responded to the leaks through his own Twitter account (probably because he was being inundated with tweets), and although he didn’t explicitly confirm the news he may have somewhat confirmed the rumours of the game being exclusive to Epics store on PC. He began by informing everyone that 2K/Take Two “makes all decisions regarding price-points, territories, distribution and platform partnerships”, before asking everyone to direct all inquiries regarding any of those topics to them (good deflect), but he did then go on to say that he has no issues with games being exclusive to one store and that Gearbox themselves “have a very keen interest in cross-platform play”, and that “Epic’s leadership with cross platform support is helpful” to their interests. Could Borderlands 3 feature cross-platform co-op of some kind?

If these leaks are true then we can look forward to playing Borderlands 3 in less than six months time, but the biggest news would have to be the fact that Epic has bagged the exclusive rights to the game on PC. If true it’s another massive coup for Epic who have continued to secure exclusive rights to more and more games in recent months, surely putting some significant dents in Steams revenue and winding them up along the way.



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