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Dead Cells brings Pimp My Run update to consoles

The Pimp My Run update for developer Motion Twin’s awesome rogue-like platformer Dead Cells is finally available for consoles. With it, it brings a new game mode, balance changes, and a stable 60FPS on the Nintendo Switch.

The 1.1 Update, which is full of community suggestions, has been available on the PC version for quite some time, but it’s now finally available on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Switch owners of Dead Cells can be more excited than most – the 60FPS patch means that inconsistent frame rates are a thing of the past. In fact, this improvement alone makes the Switch version of the game instantly more enjoyable, and one of the best ways to play the game.

The most notable new feature, however, is a custom game mode where players can modify their own runs. These modified runs will include unlocking and relocking items, which gives players the chance to stick with a certain character that they enjoy playing and enable certain gameplay adjustments and basically control the games difficulty in many different ways.

The update also changes the game’s mob auto-scaling. All levels will now have a fixed difficulty level, which allows players to adjust the difficulty level they want to play at accordingly.

Below is the explanation from the patch notes which should help you understand a little easier:

– in 0-cell mode: things will be a little bit easier (just a little bit)
– in 1 & 2-cells modes: difficulty is roughly the same as before
– in 3 & 4-cells modes: you’ll have to be really careful to be properly equipped before getting to late levels (picking cursed chests scrolls is highly recommended)

The way the player’s HP scales has been vastly rebalanced for Brutality and Tactic. You should have much more HP at higher levels, preventing from being one-shot (if your build is balanced). Brutality used to give extra HP until level 14, it now caps at level 45 (30 for Tactic).

Increased HP given for each scroll you pick. The new values are +60% HP for Brutality, +50% HP for Tactic and +70% HP for Survival.

Re-balancing the game was also high on the priority list in this update, with item drops, skills, and cooldown reductions all seeing changes. For the full patch notes click here.

This update really is a game-changer, so if you’ve been holding back on buying Dead Cells on the Nintendo Switch because of the dodgy frame rate, or if you haven’t played a run for a few months, now’s the time to jump back into it.



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