Codemasters announce a new Grid game coming this September

An all-new Grid game is on the horizon following an announcement from Codemasters.

The new game will simply be titled ‘Grid’ and will be the fourth installment in the series, following on from Grid Autosport which released back in 2014. The Grid series was largely a success for Codemasters apart from Grid 2, but that was made up for with the release of Grid Autosport.

The mechanic that set Grid apart was the real time ‘rewind’ function. However, since then many racing gamesincluding Forza Horizonhave introduced a similar mechanic, so it will be interesting to see what Codemasters pull out of the bag to set themselves apart once again. Going by the trailer below it looks like the rewind mechanic will make a return, and Codemasters has said that realistic damage effects and player rivalries will make an appearance.

The trailer above also shows off a whole host of beautiful looking cars, ranging from modern powerhouses to classic cars, and It also suggests that you will be racing across four continents. Codemasters has sought information from Fernando Alonso when developing the game, who unfortunately didn’t qualify for the Indy 500 this week through no fault of his own, it was simply a case of McLaren accidentally painting his car the wrong colour and, well, erm, not ordering a steering wheel

Grid will be launching on Friday 13th September, which just so happens to be the same date as Borderlands 3. Motorsport game rival WRC 8 will also be releasing at some point in September, so it will be interesting to see which racing game comes out on top.



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