Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has a £20 hammer you can buy

A £20 hammer is the latest addition to Black Ops 4’s long lineup of overpriced micro-transactions. Okay okay, that’s not technically true, as for your hard-earned £20 you also get a weapon crate that guarantees a MKII weapon from reserves as well as 10 loot boxes and 10 progression tier skips, so some people (especially Activision) will argue that the bundle is actually good value for money. However, a lot of COD players already have an abundance of loot boxes and they don’t struggle with the tier progression either, so in essence a lot of players are paying £20 for the ‘Home Wrecker’ hammer.

The sad reality is that this is just another cash grab in a long string of cash grabs throughout the short life of Black Ops 4, from the controversial Black Ops Pass to the poor implementation of loot boxes. The most upsetting part of it all is that I absolutely love playing Black Ops 4, in my opinion it’s the best Call of Duty game that has been released for a long time, but when these type of money grabbing antics go on it leaves a sour taste in my mouth every time I boot up the game; it isn’t something that should happen in a full priced game with a season pass. Loot boxes for cosmetics only I can let slide, but everything else can quite bluntly get f**ked.

The Home Wrecker was added to the game as part of yesterdays update, which brought a whole raft of updates to the game including a new zombies experience, a new ‘Barebones’ mode for multiplayer which gives the game a new lease of life, and plenty of changes to Blackout including the new spring map re-skin and further changes to address the issue of players being able to out-heal other players when the final circle draws to a close. These other changes are all great, but they are ultimately overshadowed by the frankly greedy behaviour of Activision.

Players are now looking forward to the upcoming new Modern Warfare game, but unsurprisingly players are worried how the game will turn out in terms of micro-transactions, as each Call of Duty release has seemingly gotten progressively worse in that regard.



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