Borderlands 2 VR port hitting PS4 in December

2K Games and Gearbox have finally announced a new Borderlands game, but sadly it’s not Borderlands 3. Instead, this December you’ll have another reason to clear your living rooms of furniture when Borderlands 2 VR releases for PlayStation 4, just in time for Christmas.

Reports earlier in the month claimed that Borderlands 3 was on its way sometime during 2019, so naturally, we assumed that any Borderlands related news would be regarding just that. However, 2K Games and Gearbox have surprised us with quite an appealing announcement. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

Excitingly, Borderlands 2 VR will bring a full VR experience to the world of Pandora (think Skyrim VR and not the rather limited VR versions of Doom and Serious Sam). All four of the original character classes are included, as well as all of that banging and mostly worthless loot. Unsurprisingly, this version of the game will be a single player experience, with some of the abilities that made certain characters more focused towards co-op play having their abilities modified to make up for the lack of multiplayer action.

The most noteworthy change, however, is the inclusion of the new BAMF (Bad Ass Mega Funtime) feature. The developers say that this feature will “give you the speed and reflexes of a rabid skag, allowing you to dodge bullets, pull off 360 no-scope headshots, and even use your Action Skill to fight off hordes of bandits, bullymongs, and whatever else Pandora might throw at you.”

Just like in Skyrim VR, players will be able to move via standard joysticks or pointed teleportation. A new VR menu layout has been mentioned, including a way to set up your headset to aim the vehicles weapon. We’re not sure how well that’s going to work, and you may want to check that your insurance covers breakages via headbutts.

We’re not sure how many VR owners will be interested in a full priced release of an older game, especially given the removal of its main draw in co-op play, but if you are, let us know what you think and what you’re most looking forward to seeing up close and personal when Borderlands 2 VR launches on December 14.  





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