Black Ops 4 gets Hardcore Blackout and a new multiplayer mode today

Treyarch are keeping up their tremendous support of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, with a new update due later today that will add a new multiplayer mode, a Hardcore mode for Blackout, and more.

The new multiplayer mode is called Stockpile, which Treyarch are describing as a variance on the Fracture game mode from Black Ops 3, where players must collect tags from fallen enemies and take them to a deposit site to score points. Multiplayer is also getting a new map variant, with a Hurricane variant of Contraband just on the horizon. Treyarch will also be holding a St. Patrick’s Day event for the multiplayer side of things called Shamrock & Awe, but no details are currently known.

Over on the Blackout side of things the standout new addition is a new Hardcore mode that removes armor, vehicles, zombies, and the players HUD (heads-up display), which should make things feel a lot more challenging. For those who prefer the more subtle, aesthetic changes then there’s good news for you, as the Blackout map is also getting a Spring update.

For Zombie lovers, today’s update sees the introduction of a new Gauntlet called Hellcatraz on the Blood of the Dead map, and host migration will be added to the mode to prevent games dropping out for everybody all because of one dodgy connection.

As is the norm, the PS4 exclusivity deal does affect this update, so these changes will only go live on the PS4 today, with an Xbox One and PC release expected for this time next week.



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