Bethesda says that ‘Atoms’ will be easy to come by in Fallout 76

These days, almost every new game that’s released features some form of microtransactions, and Bethesda has officially confirmed that they will be in Fallout 76. In truth, we’ve known that for a while, we just didn’t know exactly how they would be implemented or if whatever you could buy could be earned in-game. Well, there’s good news, Bethesda has said that you will be able to earn ‘Atoms’ (which are the new in-game currency, on top of caps) without paying for them; in fact, they said that they throw them at you:

“Quite honestly, we throw them at you all the time. You get them as little rewards for leaving the vault, or the first time you kill a creature, or the first time you pick fruits or vegetables from somewhere. It’s a little challenge reward. Atoms are used in our shop to buy cosmetic things, new outfits or skins or things like that.”

One key take away from the above quote is that they are only used to buy cosmetic items. I mean, we never thought Bethesda were stupid enough to do an EA on us (yes, we’re looking at Battlefront 2 here) but it’s good to have it confirmed by Bethesda themselves. Pete Hines confirmed this as well as explaining a bit more about ‘Atoms’ and the game in general in a recent interview with Major Nelson. During the interview, they were also playing the game – you can watch the interview below:

From what I’ve seen of Fallout 76 so far my opinion is mixed, on one hand I think it looks great but on the other it feels like they’ve taken Fallout 4 and made some minor upgrades to the graphics, created a new map, added microtransactions and enabled multiplayer. Everything else looks the same as Fallout 4: from the menus to the weapons and even the scenery; maybe that’s just me not wanting to get my hopes up too much but I expected more. I’ll be playing the beta on October 23rd and I will let you know what I really think of the game once I’ve had a few hours with it. I honestly hope I’m wrong, because Fallout has been one of my favourite franchises for years.






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