Apex Legends hits 25 million players

Apex Legendsthe new free-to-play battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment that launched out of the blue last week—just keeps going from strength to strength. We’ve been keeping you updated as the game kept hitting milestones, with the 1 million player mark being hit in just 8 hours and the 10 million player mark being passed in a mere 72 hours. If you thought that was impressive then you’ll be amazed to hear that Apex Legends has surpassed 25 million players in its first week.

That news was announced by Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella over on Twitter, who also posted a link to a update for the game following its first week of life:

As you can tell from those numbers, Apex Legends has been a massive success for Respawn since its launch, largely thanks to the games surprise release which peaked player interest. The game has even been a massive success on Twitch, currently sitting as the platforms most viewed game of the last 7 days by a country mile with an average of 254,973 viewers compared to the mere 140,361 viewers that it’s nearest competitor, League of Legends, has managed. Apex Legends has been viewed on Twitch for an astonishing 41,518,069 hours in the last week compared to League of Legends 22,855,437. Wow.

We’re big fans of Apex Legends here at Buff Nerf Repeat, holding particular fondness for the importance of squad play, the implementation of hero shooter-esque abilities, and the various quality of life features such as pinging items (which makes it easy to communicate as a team without having to use a headset), attachments switching to your new weapons automatically, and the ability to respawn teammates.

This is just the beginning for the game though, as Zampella’s update revealed that some new limited-time Valentines Day themed loot would be coming to the game this week and that there is a Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge happening today, Tuesday 12th February, and Tuesday 19th February that will see 48 of the biggest streamers on Twitch competing in the game – you can watch the live stream of that on the Apex Legends Twitch channel. Then, when we get to March, Season One of Apex Legends will begin, bringing with it the games own Battle Pass, as well as new characters and weapons.

With the game experiencing continual growth in terms of player numbers and more and more content on the horizon, the future certainly looks bright for Apex Legends. Could it get close to Fortnite?



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