Ape Out delayed until 28th February

Top-down, ape escape game, Ape Out, has been delayed by three weeks from Thursday 7th February until Thursday 28th February, publisher Devolver Digital has announced.

Ape Out sees players controlling an ape trying to escape to freedom, rushing (and smashing) your way through “tight corridors, open areas, and twisting labyrinths” as you make your escape. You’ll have to violently bulldoze your way past obstacles, traps and human enemies that will try and shoot you down, but luckily you can grab them and use them as human shields as you make your way through procedurally generated levels.

The game features stylized visuals that focus more on bold colours than intricate details, and you’ll pound and smash your way through levels to the sound of crashing cymbals and drums, as the game features a dynamic soundtrack that reacts to everything you’re doing. The game looks fast, frantic, and very bloody fun, and could be compared to playing Hotline Miami while a bloke bangs on a drum kit behind you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Check out the trailer below.

Devolver says that the game has been delayed to give the developers a bit more time to get the game running at 60fps, so it should be worth the wait.

Ape Out will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on Thursday 28th February, costing £11/€15/$15.



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