Anthem patch finally lets you access The Forge mid-mission

A new patch for Anthem is now live on all platforms, adding a new Stronghold and making a number of quality-of-life improvements, the most notable of which is the ability to access The Forge without having to return to Fort Tarsis.

That means that The Forge will now be accessible during Missions, during Strongholds, and even during Freeplay, which means you’ll finally be able to change your gear on the fly without having to return to either Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay, which is a quality-of-life change that has been much requested ever since the game launched. The patch has also added the ability to select Contracts from the start of the expedition screen, and you can now launch a new mission from the end of the expedition screen. Both of these changes also eliminate the necessity to return to either Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay, making things much more streamlined for players.

The necessity to return to Fort Tarsis or The Launch Bay after every activity to either switch out gear or select a new activity was a source of much frustration for players. The absolutely ridiculous load times and cumbersome gameplay of Fort Tarsis made the whole thing a soul destroying experience, so these changes will definitely make playing Anthem a lot less frustrating. The only question is whether these changes have come soon enough, or is it too little too late? Anthems drawbacks were unfortunately too big for us to see past – check out our review of the game to read our thoughts.

Elsewhere, the update has also added a new stronghold called The Sunken Cell, which is available right now to all players who have completed the main story. There are also a number of new Universal Masterwork Components, including an Extended Sniper Magazine that increases maximum magazine size of sniper rifles and increases damage by 30%.

There are also a number of bug fixes and balance adjustments in the patch, and you can read all about them here.



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