10-minutes of gameplay footage for strategy adventure game Pathway released

Chucklefish, publisher of Stardew Valley, has released fresh gameplay footage of its new strategy adventure game Pathway, which is being developed by Germany-based company Robotality, who previously brought us sci-fi strategy-RPG Halfway.

Pathway is a strategy adventure game that features turn-based combat and unique story encounters. Players will explore Temples, Tombs, and many other exciting locations throughout their experience. Pathway will feature five campaign adventures when finished, each with interesting locations and varying difficulty.

According to it’s page on Steam, Pathway will feature:

THRILLING VISUALS – Classic 16-bit pixel art enhanced with unprecedented depth, lighting and shadows using Pixel/Voxel Hybrid Technology.
DYNAMIC ADVENTURES – No two adventures are the same; each campaign generates a new procedural map and a different set of unique story encounters.
TOUGH CHOICES – Every location you visit presents a new hand-crafted story event to explore. Search the well? Save the villagers? It’s up to you!
DECISIVE CONFLICTS – Use cover and positioning in exciting turn-based squad combat. Learn to maximize your items and abilities, as well as your team members’ strengths, in ruthless and clever ways!
HIDDEN TREASURES – Discover rare artifacts to unlock new content and adventures! Recruit from 16 unique companions, each with their own starting equipment and skill trees!

Watch the 10 minutes of gameplay footage from pathway below:

In the uninterrupted gameplay footage, viewers are treated to a sample of the second adventure titled “The Wrath of God”. The footage only shows off one of three maps that players will explore during this adventure, so expect more variety in location in the future. The footage also shows team party building, a selection of hand-crafted story events with choice-based unique encounters, the overworld map, and inventory management.

It seems like Pathway isn’t far away from being complete, if the post to accompany the video on Steam is anything to go by:

“Also, keep in mind that there is a degree of procedural generation at work here; when you finally get a chance to play the game yourself, your adventure will turn out much different (and perhaps less lucky) than my own!”

“The game is progressing at a rapid pace and we are getting very close to the finishing line. Exciting times”

Pathway will launch on Windows, Mac and Linux sometime 2019.



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