How to get the best loot in Apex Legends (including Legendary items)

Although it’s possible to win a game in Apex Legends without high-end gear, finding the best loot should still be high up on your priority list as it will make the whole winning process much easier. Apex Legends has a few unique mechanics that allow you to find the best gear possible, from highlighting it on the map to indicating what type of loot you can expect to find in any given area, so read on for the best tips to finding Epic and Legendary loot in Apex Legends:

Understanding Loot Tiers

The first tip is to learn the loot tier system, as although it’s similar to most other battle royale games there is one key difference. There are four different tiers of loot in Apex Legends; in order of importance, these are as follows:

  • White (common)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Epic)
  • Yellow (Legendary)

Unlike other games, the yellow Legendary tier and the purple Epic tier provide the user with the same base stats. For example, a piece of body armour will absorb 100 damage whether it’s Epic or Legendary. The key difference between Epic and Legendary loot is the addition of perks – each Legendary loot item has its own perk which will provide the user with an extra ability. The perks that can be found on each item are as follows:

  • Helmet – Tactical and Ultimate abilities regenerate faster
  • Armour – Replenishes shields when you use a finisher move (hold X when you’ve downed an enemy)
  • Backpack – Health and shield consumables take half as long to use
  • Knockdown Shield – Allows the player to self-revive one time after being knocked down
  • Digital Threat scope – Highlights enemies in red when you’re aiming at them

There are no Legendary weapons in Apex Legends.

Finding High Loot Areas

High loot areas in Apex Legends are highlighted when you enter a region. When you enter a new area, the area name will come up on the screen and below that it will let you know the loot tier that you can expect to find, such as High Tier Loot for example. This mechanic makes it easy for you to know if a place is worth looting or not; if you’re on the prowl for a high-end armour set and you’ve already got the weapons and ammo that you want then there’s no point looting a Common area, so save yourself some time and move on.

When you do come across a High Tier Loot area that hasn’t already been hit then keep your guard up, as almost everyone else in the game is also looking for High Tier Loot, so enemies won’t be far behind.

Landing on the Dropship

You may not have noticed, but when you’re about to drop in there’s another ship flying in a random direction (this is marked on your map). This is the Supply Dropship and it holds High Tier Loot. Eventually, the Dropship will land to let people board, however, it is possible to land on it while it’s flying If you time your jump well.

Be warned though, there’s always a few teams going for the Dropship, so be prepared to fight. Try and get to either the bottom or the top of the Dropship as this is where I have found the best loot previously.

Drop at the Hot Zone

As well as the Dropship there’s also an area called the ‘Hot Zone’ which contains High Tier Loot. The Hot Zone is highlighted on your map by a blue circle and this is usually over a named area, such as the Market (or at least close to it). As with the Dropship, a few teams will drop here so be on your guard.

Care Packages

Another source of high-end loot is Care Packages – these are where you’re most likely to find Legendary gear, because although you can find Legendary items on the map they are very rare, especially full armour items such as the body armour. When a Care Package is about to drop you will get an audio alert and the location will also appear on your map, but be aware that everyone that’s still alive also gets the audio alert and the map ping, so approach with caution.

If you’re planning on hitting the Care Package, sometimes it’s better to wait before jumping straight onto it, as there’s probably someone waiting in the shadows to get the drop on you or throw a grenade just as you reach it. If no one appears after a few minutes go and collect your loot.

Lifeline’s Supply Drop

Lifeline has one of the most useful ultimate abilities in the game. Her ultimate allows her to call in her own supply drop (other players can steal it though) which is full of (usually) armour items. Most of the time you will get an Epic item, but if not you should at least get a Rare item.

Her ultimate isn’t just good for upgrading your loot though – it’s also useful for drawing the attention of nearby foes.

Keep Watch for Loot Ticks

Loot Ticks are the little robot things that appear when you open Apex packs (see image above). These Loot Ticks can be found not only in the main menus when opening packs but also when you’re playing. When you see them on the map they will be glowing either white, blue, purple, or yellow, and this colour determines the quality of the loot inside.

When you spot one, give it a punch in the face and it will drop its wares. One more thing, their spawn locations are random, and I don’t mean in a random cycle, I mean actually random, so you’ll probably never find them in the same place twice.

That’s the end of my good loot guide for Apex Legends, I hope it helps you find the loot you want. If you know of any more awesome loot-finding tips then please let me know in the comments and I will be sure to add them.







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