How to beat Shichimen Warrior in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Shichimen Warrior is a mini-boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, located in the Abandoned Dungeon just below the Bottomless Hole Sculptor’s Idol.

There are two important things to note about Shichimen Warrior before you engage him. The first is that his main offense comes from summoning orbs that home in on you and cause significant Terror damage, and the second is that he’s an apparition-type enemy. This means that there are a couple of items that you can use to make this fight much easier. If you have some, using Divine Confetti (you can grind it from robed enemies in the interior of Ashina Castle) will significantly increase the damage that you do to Shichimen Warrior, therefore decreasing the length of the fight. Equally, using a Pacifying Agent or the Mottled Purple Gourd (which is bought from the Memorial Mob merchant next to the Mibu Villa Sculptor’s Idol in the Ashina Depths) will give you extra protection against Terror damage, which allows you to be much more aggressive in the fight.

Giving yourself extra damage and extra protection will allow you to be much more aggressive in this fight and you’ll drop him pretty quickly. Of course, the items themselves are either expensive or hard to come by, so for the sake of this guide I’m going to presume that you don’t have access to them and talk you through defeating him without them, which unfortunately does take a while. Thankfully he doesn’t have any Perilous/Red kanji attacks, so this is all about avoiding his orbs and being aggressive.

Standing above the room, you’ll see the Shichimen Warrior stood in the middle surrounded by a purple glow. Drop into the room and run straight behind the large stalagmite in the corner of the room, this will protect you from the first barrage of orbs he’s about to throw at you and will save you having to run around to avoid them. Note that while he’s doing this he’s waving his arms about and there’s a purple glow coming from the floor – whenever he does this you need to keep clear, as standing in the glow will fill your Terror bar for the entire duration you’re stood in it. Once he’s finished throwing orbs at you (there will be a lot of smaller orbs and around three bigger orbs), run towards him and go for your first few hits, avoiding his orbs at all times. If he does this move again, either get back behind the stalagmite if you can get there quick enough or just keep running around him in a circular motion and you should avoid his orbs.


By the way, that stalagmite is your friend for this fight. If you’re within reach of it you can use it to protect yourself from orbs in between attacks, and always use it for cover if you need to use an item such as your Healing Gourd.

Now that the fight is underway it’s simply about avoiding his orbs and getting your own hits in. When you move towards him he’ll often fire a flurry of orbs at you from his staff, so just keep moving around and towards him in a circular motion and you’ll avoid them all. He’ll also often swing his staff around and summon orbs around him, but you can often avoid these easily by moving and step dodging around them. Remember, get up close and stay aggressive.


When you’re up close and personal he’ll often perform his only melee attack, where he swings his staff at you once or sometimes twice. Just Deflect these hits and then go straight back on the attack.


When you’re up close to him you’ll often avoid most of his orb-summoning attacks by default, but one thing to look out for is when he holds his staff up in the air and summons a number of large orbs. When he does this, back off and keep sprinting around in a large circle and you should avoid them, and you can even run a quick circle around them to dodge them. Ducking behind the stalagmite is also an option if you’re close enough.


As an extra little tactic, if he backs himself into a corner then you can often take cover from his orbs behind where the wall protrudes slightly on the opposite side of the room to the stalagmite, allowing you to get a few hits in, take cover, then go back on the offensive.


Keep at it and eventually you’ll open him up for the first Deathblow. Once you hit the Deathblow he’ll fade away and vanish, but if you turn around you’ll see him reappear on the other side of the room. Target him and sprint around the room in a circular motion to avoid the massive beam that he’s about to fire at you, then go straight back on the offensive.


The rest of the second phase plays out exactly like the first phase, so just keep following the same tactics and you’ll open him up for the second and final Deathblow.


Killing him will earn you 786 experience points and the Ceremonial Tanto, which you can use to trade some of your Vitality for Spirit Emblems should you be in dire need of some.

Please note that this is most definitely the more long-winded and difficult way to complete this boss, designed for those people who don’t have the sen or items required to complete it the easy way. If you do have the luxury of using both Divine Confetti and a Pacifying Agent/Mottled Purple Gourd then just go on the offensive as soon as you drop into the room and you’ll likely drop him both times within a minute, just remember to avoid that beam of Terror damage that he fires at you after the first Deathblow.



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