FIFA 20 – Volta Football Beginner Tips & Tricks

Volta Football is the standout new game mode available to play in FIFA 20, allowing you to take your game to the streets, but it can be easy to approach it in the wrong way. Before you dip into Volta, check out our tips and tricks below:

Keep it simple and don’t use too many tricks

That may sound like it’s the exact opposite of what the mode is intended for, but Volta Football isn’t as trick-heavy as FIFA Street was. Trying to perform too many tricks will likely result in you losing the ball and quite often a goal (see below), particularly if you’re the last man. Rather than trying to show off and making yourself look a fool, keep it simple and play smart. Good old pass and move is still the best way to find success in Volta, so pass the ball around, stretch the defence, and carve yourself an opening.


Use the wall

Some Volta pitches are located inside cages or courts, which means they’re enclosed inside walls which you can use to your advantage in the right moment. If your passing option is being cut out by a defender then rebound the ball off the wall to bypass the defender. This can be a particularly useful tip if a defender gets you backed into a corner with nowhere to go, as the wall can provide you with the perfect escape route. Don’t try and use the wall too much or at the wrong moment, as if you use it at the wrong time it becomes an easy interception for the defender.


Use the low drilled shot

In Volta, the nets are radically smaller than those of a traditional game of 11v11, both in width and height. That means that it’s much more difficult to hit the back of the net as you have a much smaller target to aim at, especially considering the fact that Volta forces you to use manual shooting. It’s quite easy to hit your shot too high, as the nets really aren’t very tall in a lot of cases, but that’s where the low drilled shot comes into its own. Simply hold both bumper buttons (L1 & R1 on PS4, LB & RB on Xbox One) when you shoot and your player will drive the ball low across the floor, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing an open goal.


Play the ball in the air

For anybody that has played any form of 5-a-side or indoor football, you would be forgiven for thinking that you need to keep  the ball on the floor in Volta. However, there is no head height rule in Volta, so use the fact that you’re allowed to play the ball in the air to your advantage. Lobbed through balls work well on the counter attack, and lobbed shots also work a treat if your opponent doesn’t have a goalkeeper on the line.


The traditional cross button can also work well to bypass a defender and set up a shooting opportunity, and on occasion the game will even make you look immensely skillful while you do it (I just wanted an excuse to show you the GIF below).


Don’t step out of position when defending

Volta is a fast-paced game mode that encourages you to show off your fancy skills and display great passages of attacking football. That can often mean that the art of defending is all but forgotten about, and it’s very easy to charge at the player in possession in a desperate attempt to get the ball back quickly so you can go back on the offensive. In reality, this is a sure fire way to lose a game. Volta has a very small margin for error before you get punished, and stepping out of position gives your opponent a perfect opportunity to use the space to their advantage to work an opening (see below). Instead, stay in position, stand off your opponent, and force them to beat you rather than making it easy for them, and you’ll likely manage to intercept the ball.


Apply pressure using teammates

If you do want to apply pressure to the player on the ball then hold the right bumper button (RB on Xbox One, R1 on PS4) to make an AI teammate apply some pressure to the ball. This will allow you to occupy the space that they have vacated if necessary and/or cut off passing lanes or shooting opportunities, giving you a much better chance of intercepting the ball and stopping yourself from being caught out.


Use your skill points

It sounds really obvious, but it could be quite easy to completely forget that you have a skill tree to fill. You’ll earn skill points as you play Volta and win games, much like in Pro Clubs, so make sure to take the time to regularly dip into the menu and improve your player.


Make sure your team has good chemistry

Volta Football uses a chemistry system much like the one seen in Ultimate Team. To maximize your teams capabilities, make sure that all of your players prefer the formation that you’re playing and that they’re all playing in the correct position. Picking players from the same home court can also give you good team chemistry. Having good team chemistry will, effectively, make your team play better, while having a poor team chemistry will have the opposite effect.


There you have it, our beginners tips to get you up and running in Volta Football. Remember, these are only the basics, designed to set you up to have a solid start in the street football mode. As you begin to perfect these strategies you’ll give yourself more scope to experiment and learn how to express yourself on the pitch.

Think there’s something we’ve missed or disagree with one of our tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Chris is our resident FPS-obsessed football fanatic who, when not playing an FPS or FIFA, can probably be found spending the odd 100 hours or so building his perfect farm on Stardew Valley. Chris comes to you with a hint of cynicism and plenty of sarcasm.

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