You can get Two Point Hospital for just £8.49 until Friday 1st November

Calling all PC-playing deal hunters, you can currently grab Two Point Hospital for £8.49 over at Steam.

That represents a whopping 66% saving on the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, which is an absolute steal which shouldn’t be ignored by anybody who likes management simulation games or has a wacky sense of humour. We really enjoyed the game when we reviewed it at release last year, and we paid full price for it, so can you imagine how much you’ll love it when you’ve paid less than a tenner?

The offer is all in aid of celebrating the games returning halloween event, the appropriately named Spooooooky Mode. For anybody not in the know, Spooooooky Mode (that’s six o’s, you can check) adds 9 new “spooky” tracks, a disease called Fright-headedness which is a “pumpkin-headed variant of Lightheadedness”, a “gaggle of flying bats on some levels”, “spooky and mysterious lighting changes” across certain levels, as well as updates to the main menu and the in-game HUD. There’s also a “frightening selection of spooky decorations”, all of which you can see below:

o A pumpkin has infested the Carnivorous Plant to create a true botanical nightmare
o The Newsagents’ stand has been web-adorned
o What’s that in the Brain Jar?
o The Arcade Machine has been cobwebbed
o Orange is most definitely in this season for our beloved Gnome
o The Pink Bird has been defiled with another pesky pumpkin
o Reception has been pimped, haunted house style
o The Display Skeleton’s got a bold new look
o The Cat-in-the-Box head’s looking pretty tasty, too
o Pretty much every picture of a dog now has a rather unusual element to it…
o The Mountain Painting seems to have come to life somewhat
o When it comes to the Nurse Station, don’t look in the bed pan
o And the Ward Bed… whatever you think is under there… it’s probably worse.

This fantastic offer is only available until Friday 1st November, so act quickly if you want to get hold of Two Point Hospital at this bargain price.

Two Point Hospital-related news hasn’t been so kind on console players in recent days, with the news that the console version of the game has been delayed until the first half of next year.

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