Two Point Hospital is free to try until Monday and 50% off

There’s been no shortage of free trial weekends on some great games from the Stream library in recent months. We’ve seen the likes of Street Fighter 5, Insurgency: Sandstorm, and XCOM 2 all offer a sample period, and a reduced price to match on Steam. This weekend sees one of our favorite games at BuffNerfRepeat get the trial weekend treatment, so we thought we should mention it.

Two Point Hospital, the awesome spiritual successor to the cult favorite Theme Hospital, is available to play for free from now until Monday 2nd September. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not Two Point Hospital could come close to giving you those Theme Hospital feels, or maybe you’ve never played the genre and are unsure if you’d enjoy it, then now’s the time to hop in and give it a go.

On top of the free trial weekend, Two Point Hospital will also be on sale at 50% off for the next week until Thursday 5th September. The sale brings the game down from £24.99 to £12.49, which we think is a great price for such a fantastic title.

Finally, for those that love everything Two Point, the Healthy Collection BUNDLE is also available. This bundle includes the base game, the end of 2018 Bigfoot expansion, and the March 2019 Pebberley Island expansion. The bundle will set you back £19.46 and is also available until 5th September.

Ricky reviewed Two Point Hospital back in 2018, awarding it an awesome 8/10. Ricky commented on the nostalgia saying:   “In essence, Two Point Hospital is the same game but with better graphics and more content, exactly what a spiritual sequel should be (Two Point Hospital is not officially a sequel) and I can’t thank Two Point Studios enough for letting me relive those great times playing Theme Hospital in my youth – you could easily have ruined many childhood memories of mine.”

Two Point Hospital is available to download and trial for free right now on Steam until Monday.

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