Get Bastion free on the Apple App Store

An updated version of Bastion is currently available for free on iPhone/iPad via the Apple App Store.

This is a limited time offer which marks the 10th anniversary of Supergiant Games and also signifies the end of their publishing deal with Warner Bros.

To download the game, head over to the App Store and make sure you purchase the one-time in-app unlock which will cost £0. The game normally costs £4.99 and will return to that price next year, so act quickly! The updated version of the game comes with a number of quality-of-life improvements that will ensure the game runs well on the latest iOS devices.

These changes are as follows:

  • Improved support for newer devices such as iPhone X and 11
  • Simplified Chinese language option (set via your region setting)
  • The game is now free-to-try, just like the original Xbox LIVE Arcade classic!
  • Numerous bug fixes

Bastion will now be published by Supergiant themselves, meaning the older version has now been de-listed. The de-listed version will no longer be available to purchase and won’t support updates. It will, however, remain on devices that it is already downloaded to.

What’s important to note here is that the existing version of the game won’t update automatically, which is no doubt another reason why Supergiant are making it available for to download for free, so if you own the game and want this newer version then make sure you download it during the free period or you may have to pay for it again! Also not to be overlooked is the fact that all saved data and Game Center achievements will not transfer over to the new version of the game, which kinda sucks for those that care.

If you already own the game and play it often, you may not be very happy to hear about these changes. For everyone else, however, enjoy a fantastic game on the go for absolutely nothing.







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