Journey is coming to the Epic Games Store

Journey, the indie adventure game that has so far been a PlayStation exclusive, is being ported over to the PC, and the newly-debuting Epic Games Store seems to be its only destination.

Journey was developed by Thatgamecompany and released exclusively on the PS3 back in 2012 before being ported over to the PS4 in 2015. In Journey, players take control of a robed figure in a massive desert, embarking on a journey (who would have thought it?) to a distant mountain. Other players can join you on your excursion, but you can’t see each other’s names or communicate with speech; instead, you’ll have to communicate with the use of a single musical chime, known largely as a “ping”. It’s a pretty simple concept but it’s one that works brilliantly well and provides a very unique gaming experience.

Journey received widespread critical acclaim upon launch, with particular praise being aimed at the art direction as well as the emotional response that was brought on by playing with a complete stranger and communicating without the use of speech. The game won countless awards, including numerous Game of the Year awards, and Official PlayStation Magazine named it the 5th best PS3 game of all time.

This is also a great catch for Epic, who need this kind of highly-regarded title to be available exclusively on their new store if it is to give Steam any kind of run for its money. The Epic Games Store went live last night, but there is currently no release date announced for Journey.



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