Smite coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019

Smite, if you haven’t heard of it before, is a third-person MOBA game (think League of Legends but with gods). It was first released on the PC in 2014 and made its way to the Xbox a year later, before landing on the PS4 another year after that. Now, it’s finally heading to the Switch.

Smite is the only ‘decent’ MOBA game on consoles and it’s enjoyed by hundreds of thousands—possibly even over a million—players each month. The Switch version will also include cross-play, which will see you play against other players on the Xbox, PC and Mac. As usual, there’s no word on PS4 cross-play – damn you, Sony.

One thing I should say about cross-play is that your account progression is carried between devices. For example, all of the heroes you’ve unlocked on your PC account will be available to play on the Switch, which is a relief considering people have paid to unlock heroes.

The Switch version is scheduled for release on January 24th 2019 according to the developer Hi-Rez, so there’s not too long of a wait ahead of us.

In other Smite news, Hi-Rez has just released a new map and two new gods to the game; the new gods are King Arthur and Merlin, who now bring the total number of gods in the game to a nice round 100. These new gods and the new map will, of course, be available to play on the Switch version once it launches.

It would be awesome if we could see another of Hi-Rez’s games make it’s way to consoles. The game I have in mind is Paladins, which (if you haven’t played it before) is essentially an Overwatch clone with a few twists. Some even say that it’s better than Overwatch, although I’m not quite sure I agree.

Regardless, it’s great to see more titles coming to the Switch. It’s finally starting to feel like Nintendo have a console with proper third party games again.







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