Xbox One ‘Countdown’ sale is on now!

As most people countdown to Christmas with chocolate treats hidden behind cardboard doors, Xbox gamers can count down the days by buying one of the discounted games in the Xbox One Countdown sale every day. Well, you might not need that many games, but it will be hard to keep the willpower long enough to not buy at least a few, as the yearly Countdown sale rarely disappoints.

This year you can get your hands on the usual AAA games at a reduced rate, from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 for just £36 / $39 to Assassins Creed Odyssey for £27.50 / $30. The full list of games on sale can be found below:

The only disappointing item on the sale list is Fallout 76, which has been reduced to £40 / $40, which just isn’t enough of a discount for anyone to even consider buying such a bad game, right?

If you’re a true bargain hunter though, you’ll knowthat although these sales make the digital copy of the game cheaperyou can still get your hands on a pre-owned or, in some cases, new Fallout 76 for cheaper.


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