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World of Warcraft Classic to release Summer 2019

Whether you consider WoW Classic to be a lazy cash-in or a genuine trip down memory lane, there can be no denying the demand and pressure put on Blizzard by its community to make it happen.

Blizzard has announced at BlizzCon that World of Warcraft Classic will be released in the Summer of 2019. Judging from the reaction from the crowd as new executive producer John Hight took to the stage to make the announcement, it’s going to prove to be very popular with the WoW community.

World of Warcraft Classic will see the game return to the state it was 14 years ago, prior to the release of its first expansion ‘The Burning Crusade’, which released in January 2007.  This period is considered by many to be WoW’s golden era, with players longing for an opportunity to revisit the ‘Vanilla’ version of the game. Next summer, those wishes will be granted.

Most importantly from a fan perspective, WoW Classic will be available to play for anyone with a WoW subscription. This means that WoW Classic won’t have a separate monthly business model and that current subscribers to WoW don’t have to worry about forking out for two lots of monthly fees. Having no upfront fees will also be appealing to players like myself who haven’t invested much time into more recent expansions, but have fond memories of how the game played many moons ago.

A WoW Classic demo will also be playable at BlizzCon and at home via the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. Blizzard announced earlier today that the WoW Classic demo—which is included in the virtual ticket—will have a restricted play time.

More information regarding WoW Classic and Tides of Vengeance—a forthcoming update to Battle for Azeroth—will be available as BlizzCon continues into the weekend.








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