Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon remaster is now live on PC

Warframe’s latest update is now live on PC, revamping the Plains of Eidolon to make it prettier and bulk out the areas population.

Focusing on looks to begin with (it’s not all about looks, you know!), the update adds updated terrain textures, dynamic lighting, “richly detailed” trees and foliage, and a “more nuanced” day and night cycle. Digital Extremes says that the Plains will now run “smoother than ever” following some technical improvements, too. To be fair, it does look lovely – check out the video below:

The Plains of Eidolon are also now home to a few more creatures, with the bird-like Mergoo circling and squawking overhead around coastal regions and large bodies of water, and there are also new Kuaka and Condroc variants wandering the plains too.

There are plenty of new enemies to take on too, as Tusk Thumpers—which Digital Extremes describe as “mobile defense platforms that are just as efficient as they are deadly”—have been deployed to the plains by Vay Hek. The Thumpers come in three sizes and difficulties, namely the Tusk Thumper, the Tusk Thumper Bull, and the Tusk Thumper Doma. Players will have to identify the Thumper’s weak spots to take them down quickly, but if you take too long the Thumpers will release reinforcement drones, so don’t mess about.

The tracking and tranq system that was introduced in the Fortuna expansion is now also available in the Plains, and you can earn yourself a new Conservation Badge as well as Floofs from Master Teasonai as rewards for your efforts.

There are a whole host of other changes in the update, including Fortuna-inspired economy changes, and you can read all about them here. The update is now live on PC, with Digital Extremes saying that the update will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch “soon”.



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