System Shock 3 gets a teaser trailer

OtherSide Entertainment debuted the first teaser trailer for System Shock 3 at the Unity Game Developers Conference keynote in San Francisco earlier today.

The very brief teaser trailer had all the hallmarks of the System Shock franchise, including a desolate space station, monstrous enemies, and series antagonist SHODAN, all in glorious high definition. Check it out below:

System Shock 3 will be the first main entry in the series for twenty years, following on from System Shock 2 which released all the way back in 1999, five years after the first game debuted. The game should be in good hands – head of OtherSide Entertainment, Paul Neurath, worked on the original System Shock back when he was at Looking Glass Studios alongside Warren Spector, who is also now at OtherSide and is working on System Shock 3.

There’s no concrete details on what platforms System Shock 3 will launch on or when it will release, but it’s nice to finally see a glimpse of the game after so long. You know what they say – good things come to those who wait. Let’s hope that’s the case with System Shock 3.






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