Super Mario Maker 2 confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, with a release date set for June 2019.

The confirmation of the game came during tonight’s episode of Nintendo Direct, and it’s sure to please the more creative players among us. The footage of Super Mario Maker 2 that was shown confirmed that you’ll be able to create slopes in the game, something which has been much-requested by players ever since it wasn’t possible in the first game in the series. The video also showed that Super Mario Maker 2 will include assets from Super Mario 3D World, which will allow players to create more modern-looking levels.

The original Super Mario Maker released on the Wii U way back in September of 2015 and was met with great critical acclaim. Let’s hope for more of the same from Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in June 2019.

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