Streets of Rage 4’s first gameplay trailer has been released

DotEmu, the creators of the upcoming and highly anticipated Streets of Rage 4, has released the first gameplay trailer for the game and it looks great.

The gameplay video shows the iconic street fighter Axel and the always-sexy Blaze beating up a bunch of thugs, showing off the various moves that will be on offer in the full release. Interestingly, it appears that both characters are able to work together to take down foes, as the video shows Axel throwing a bad guy in the air with a vicious looking uppercut while Blaze jumps from her stunned opponent and graces the poor guy with a flying kick, they then continue to beat the thug in tandem with a barrage of jabs. Going by the gameplay it appears that the game is going to be even more fun when playing with friends than it once was. You can watch the full gameplay trailer below:

The game is a co-production by a few studios, one of which is Guard Crush Games who brought us the comical (but actually decent) beat ’em up Streets of Fury EX. Other studios that are involved include Lizardcube, who are said to be working on the new hand-drawn visuals, and Dotemu, who developed some classic games such as Wonder Boy and Windjammers. I hold high hopes for Streets of Rage 4, as these are all decent studios and going by the gameplay trailer they’re sticking to what made the original Streets of Rage games so good.

There is currently no release date for the game, but we do know that it’s supposed to be releasing this year, hopefully around summer time so I can get my friends around for an old school game of beat ’em up.






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