Stellaris will launch on consoles on February 26th

Stellaris, the 2016 space-based grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive, will make its console debut on February 26th 2019.

In Stellaris, players take control of their very own space empire, setting the values that their population stand by and how they feel about other life, managing things like exploration, research, space diplomacy, and resource discovery, as well as establishing planetary colonies and engaging in space warfare, deciding whether to take a more diplomatic approach—by agreeing to non-aggression pacts or making trade deals—or letting things escalate into a full blown intergalactic war, where victory can allow you to wipe out your enemies and claim their system or integrate them into your own empire. Check out the “Tour of the Galaxy” trailer below which explains things in full:

The console port of Stellaris was originally announced back in August but no release date was set. Stellaris’ console release will mark the first time that a grand strategy game has been playable on a console, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the genre fares up when it moves from its more natural keyboard and mouse controls to a controller. The port is in good hands though; Tantalus Media—who previously (and very successfully) ported Paradox’s own Cities: Skylines over to consoles—are handling the port.

Stellaris: Console Edition will release in two editions: The Standard Edition will feature just the base game and is currently available to preorder for £31.99 on the Microsoft Store or £32.99 on the PlayStation Store, while the Deluxe Edition—which includes the base game as well as the Plantoids Species Pack, Leviathans Story Pack, and the Utopia Expansion—can be preordered for £44.99 from the Microsoft Store or £49.99 from the PlayStation Store. Why is the deluxe edition £5 more expensive on the PS4, I hear you ask? I have no idea, you hear me answer.

Paradox has confirmed that the Stellaris: Console Edition will be supported by further post-launch DLC.

Stellaris: Console Edition launches on PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday 26th February 2019.



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